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Published February 2008, 24 pps

The political alliance between 'big energy' and the eco- and conservation lobbies is neither new nor secret – the marketing deals between Greenpeace and coal/nuclear giant RWE or the RSPB and Scottish and Southern Energy were always going to be controversial but they were at least in the open.

The eco-lobby activities revealed here add a less public but unsavoury dimension to its campaigns.

Greenpeace, its members and others have campaigned to win planning consent for wind-power projects even when these pose a serious risk to protected species and should not proceed.

The report shows how, in some cases, they have even been paid by developers to do this. Compiled in collaboration with conservationists and others from England and Wales as well as Scotland, it suggests that wind-power developers have been turning almost as a matter of routine to activist groups for support in forcing through controversial proposals over the heads of those most impacted by them and in the face of the environmental evidence.

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